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It has been a while, hasn't it?

I am doing really well on my 50 Books A Year Challenge.
I upped it to 100.
I have read over 85 at this point-- not counting any read for school.
I am excited. :)

Let's see, the most recent have been:

The Mysterious Benedict Society
Cute book for young ones. However, while it has enough there to keep you reading, its length may scare some of them away before they give it a chance.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (re-read)
I feel like I have gotten more out of it this time. I think I may be one of those people who re-reads the series every year, like some people do with the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

And working on:

Emlyn's Moon
I do not care for this trilogy like Charlie Bone. But I feel the need to give Jenny Nimmo a fair chance on it.

American Hardcore
Definitely like a huge encyclopedia for anyone into punk and hardcore. It is great. But it is taking me a while to get through. I think because it isn't a story, but more like a collage of memories.

A Beautiful Mind
The story of John Nash. Definitely interesting. But I can not help but notice my eyes glazing over at times when the math terms crop up.

It is autumn!
This means Halloween is soon.
And Christmas shopping.
And beautiful, beautiful leaves and cool breezes.

Have a good day.
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I suppose I will say something real. Something besides a quote (although I do enjoy them.)

10 Random Facts About Me:
1. I have a "real" livejournal account. Username: gavemeapen. Feel free to add me. This one is for communities. Especially the 50 books in a year community. (What can I say, I love to read.)
2. I often put spoons in my mouth, just because I can.
3. I wear converse all stars and 14i doc marten steel-toe boots every day.
4. You should tell me things to watch/ read/ hear. I am always looking for new movies, books, and music. I like to find things outside of what I would normally look for myself.
5. It drives me crazy to have holes in my jeans.
6. I love to eat spaghetti o's with chopsticks.
7. I boycott blue m&m's.
8. I have a black jacket with pins and patches on it that I wear constantly.
9. I prefer hand sewing to machine sewing, but I can do both.
10. I have a dog named after a really bad singer and a queen, a cat named after Harry Potter characters, and a bird named after Newsies characters.

There. That's enough "me." So tell me about you.
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"It was Halloween everyday, for most people anyway, just to feel they weren't alone, to belong, just to keep being happy maybe." ~ Hairstyles of the Damned.
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Here's the deal...
I have had another lj for years. And I love it.
But recently, I have discovered *impending sound of doom... made by kazoo* a love for LJ COMMUNITIES!!!
They take up so much room though, on my friends page, that I can never see what my friends have written to me. In light of this, I am making this seperate lj for communities and community friends.
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